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Why does the Website Say I Don't Have an Account Under my Email Address?
Why does the Website Say I Don't Have an Account Under my Email Address?

Addressing issues related to account creation and activation on the Together Health website.

Updated over a week ago

Have you received an email from Together Health but are unable to access your account? Rest assured, this has a simple solution.

When you first place an order on our website, we automatically send order updates to your email. This is to keep you informed about the status of your purchase. However, your customer account on our website is not created immediately.

Along with order updates, we also send out an account activation invitation to your email. This is a crucial step in creating your account. The email is titled 'Customer account activation'. To activate your account, you need to click on the link in this email and follow the instructions to create a password. After setting up your password, you should be able to sign in to your account without any issues.

If you can't locate the 'Customer account activation' email in your inbox, it may have ended up in your spam or junk mail folder. We recommend checking there as your next step.

If you're still unable to find the activation email, please get in touch with our customer service team. We are more than happy to assist you in resolving any issues you might have.

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